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Bridesmaid Robes- Yes, Its A Thing!!

I am obsessed with robes, in fact, if I’m home, I’m usually wearing one. If there is one on sale for under $20, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will buy it- the softer and cozier, the better!

I love the look of the brides and her maids out there getting ready in their robes. I don’t know, call me nuts, but the bigger the floral pattern the the bigger my heart gushes with love! Its something about looking uniform, yet each and everyone uniquely different in their own way. Stunning for photos!!

A great photographer will most likely catch the perfect moment of the bride fixing her hair, or a bridesmaid putting on the final coat of mascara and a flower girl admiring from behind, imagining her own wedding day!! ***Contact, my AMAZING photographer for your wedding day photos!! Click HERE to contact her!

After searing high and low on the internets, I found the perfect robes and floral pattern for my girls and myself. There were many sites to choose from, and with all with the same product- and of course, different price ranges too. So after many hours of searching I finally ordered them from amazon, yes AMAZON!!

The material is a lightweight, 100% cotton, and they have 7 colors to choose from! It is one size fits all, so keep that in mind while ordering. (They were a little short for my sister and mother’s liking, so they put it on over their leggings— you can’t even tell in the photos!!) ANDDD- make the perfect bridesmaid gift!!

Click the link HERE to check them out.


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