DIY Suede Choker Necklace

If there’s one trend I can’t get enough of, its chokers. It brings me back to the 90’s where everywhere you went and everywhere you looked, you’d spot someone with a choker. (I even remember dog collars were a thing as well- but lets not go there!) So, recently, I have been asking myself, can I make that before I go out and splurge on it, and the answer was a yes!!

Working on a suede choker necklace DIY video, should be on the blog soon!!

I hit up my local Michael’s and headed straight towards the bead and leather isle. Thats where I found the jackpot. I came across this suede cording for $9.99, and of course used a coupon, so the total came out to $6.99. Thats 3 color chokers for less than $3 dollars each—what?! 10386329

Craft store have tons of natural leather, suede and even wax cording to choose from, and not to mention a plethra colors. The one I chosen for this project had a neutral/tan, brown and black, which was absolutely perfect for me!! You can add beads, charms, gold foil, really anything you’d like to customize it to you and your style. I ended up tying a knot at the end, and called it a day!!

All in all, this DIY was a success, and I get tons of compliments every time I wear these. Bonus was that it only cost a little under $3!!

Check out the video to watch how I made mine, enjoy!!

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