Forever 21 Haul

So a lot of times I end up ruining a lot of clothes by accidentally getting lightener or color on them…. believe me I get so angry I can spit jellybeans when this happens!! Thats why I end up buying a lot of (black) items from Forever21… easily disposable and easy on the wallet!!

I challenged myself to see how many garments I could purchase from Forever21 for under $50, (not including tax and shipping costs of course) I did go over by 75 cents, but hey… we all can’t be perfect!! **Side note- these were all sale items with an additional 30% off for Presidents day **

Below are the 5 items I got– they’re all pretty much black… duh!! 🙂

IMG_9878 IMG_9887 IMG_9895 IMG_9901 IMG_9912 IMG_9913 IMG_9921 IMG_9926 IMG_9955

Check out my video below!!!

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