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Happy Birthday Deployment Box

Its January, and that means Josh’s Birthday!!! As much as I wish he could be here to celebrate his birthday together, I wanted to make sure how much I appreciated him… and there is no other way besides an over decorated super cheesy birthday box!!


I normally would line the box with square scrapbooking paper, but I couldn’t seem to find anything that I liked…. So I ending up finding this wrapping paper instead and lined the entire box!!


I started out with the basic goodies the he LOVESSS!!! (Anything sour and snacks he can’t seem to get his hands on)


A bag of sunflower seeds and paper dots to keep him busy!!


A tub of Funfetti frosting and animal crackers should satisfy his sweet tooth for his desire for a birthday cake!!


I tossed in little military figurines, (pun intended) because, well, who doesn’t like those!!


Also, as you can see I popped some party poppers, party horns (and a glow stick, just for fun)!!!


A few ribbon bows and a few more birthday themed treats and this box was ready!!!


Of course I included a few more gifts that are a little more personal, (not shown above) but I know Josh does’t like anything too over the top, but come on… I couldn’t resist doing this Birthday Themed Deployment Box!! Hope he enjoys!!

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