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Little E’s Favorites December 2017

Hi there!

Being a new mom, I am always wondering what other mommas are purchasing for their little ones. I figured I’d share what little E is liking this month and hopefully it will give you some ideas on what to buy for your 3-6 month old!

First thing is a YouTube video/children’s songs. I use to keep in on for background music and now she’s in LOVE!! If she hears any of these songs, she is bound to smile!! It’s also known that the hubster also enjoys these videos and songs as well ?

ext would be any muslin blanket, however, this one by Clementinekids in particular she gravitates towards the most. I am convinced that it’s the huckleberry pattern as she tried to pick them off the blanket (so stinking cute when she does this!!) You can get one for your little one for $18.

die the firefly is her favorite toy at the moment. This little guy has all the textures, colors and fun noisemakers to keep any child occupied! She squirms in excitement when it catches her sight, and in fact, she has Freddie’s little brother Mortimer The Moose under our Christmas tree for even more fun!!

, what are your little ones favorites at the moment, I’m sure little E wouldn’t mind more play time with your favs. Please feel free to message or tag me to share yours!!

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