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Perfection is to die for

Hi there, back at it again with another halloween inspired makeup look!!

This one touched my heart a little more than others. As a hair and makeup artist, I put myself out there to make sure I look “perfect”, (or perfectly imperfect as I call it) where ever I go. When I head to my salon, when I’m filming or whether its heading out with friends, I feel the need to slap on a pretty face, curl my hair and touch up my lipstick. I make everyone in my chair look beautiful, and I am a hair and makeup artist so I mean, I should be 100 perfect all the time right? We can all agree that social media doesn’t help with this complex either, as we are exposed to all of these beautiful men, women, celebrities streaming our news feed- how can we not judge ourselves and compare when we see that on a daily…

Well, recently I have been “failing” on looking perfect, and let me tell you– its rejuvenating!! I can go 6 days without washing my hair, my eyebrows are not on fleek, and I don’t have to worry about someone cat calling when I head into the store. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVEEE makeup and all its magical glory, but everyone once in a while I have been going without, and I completely¬†enjoy it!!

So here is to messy buns, my ‘weird’ glasses and to looking perfectly imperfect!!

Oh, and P.S.- no, I’m not sick, so please stop asking!! :):)

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