Trunk Club Unboxing and Try On September 2016

Trunk Club!! Yay!! I get so excited when I see these boxes on my front porch after a long days of work!!

If you’re not familiar with what it is, let me explain. Trunk Club is a FREE monthly, (or weekly, or whenever you’d like one shipped) clothing, subscription box, altered to both men and women. They do offer more than just clothing, they also have accessories, jewelry, and my personal favorite part- SHOES!! All of the clothing, accessories etc, are from Nordstorms, and the price tag also comes along with it.

After showing interest to Trunk Club, they give you a call to discuss your needs, wants and your sizes. From there, (lets call it an interview,) you get a personal stylist, (mine is Hayle) and he/or she gets to working on your box, customizing it to YOU! You can change what you’re looking for every box, or you can have Trunk Club send you whatever they’d think you’d like.

I’ve had some pretty good luck with this subscription service, and love my personal stylist, Hayle, and they only seem to be get better!!

So, per normal, I went ahead a filmed an unboxing and try on video on my latest trunk, I hope you enjoy!!

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