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We Went Paddle Boarding!!

Joshua and I have been trying to find things to around central florida that don’t cost an arm and a leg to do so. Sure, fun nights at the bars are cool, and we usually do have a great time people watching, but to be honest, there has to be more to life than a bar tab right?

I checked out Groupon to see what deal they had to offer, only to say ‘screw it’ lets just go…  Joshua and I packed up a bag, made sure to Go Pro was all charged up, and on on the way to the coast we went. We knew of a local restaurant/bar that had paddle boards to rent and a quick search on google, they’re prices seemed reasonable ($20 an hour per person.)

A quirky joke from the tenant about how “you picked a really windy day to try paddle boarding” and a quick 30 second how-to- we were off!!

We ending up only paddling for a little over an hour, as the wind really did catch up to us and made things pretty difficult to get back to shore. Josh saw 3 manatees and I saw at least 15-20 dolphins playing and splashing around in the water, although, we didn’t catch that part on camera- again, the wind thing.

Fair warning to everyone that tries paddle boarding- you’re going to LOVE it!!

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