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Finding your perfect stylist part 1

Have you found your perfect stylist? You haven’t? Well, let me help you out and tell you a few trick to find yours!!

First of all, if you’re in the market to find your new hair bestie, ask people!! Thats right, ask your friends, your family, or even strangers where they get their hair done. A lot of times people are excited to send them to their stylist!! Not only, are you complimenting them by asking who does your hair, but often times, there comes a perk of a referral!!

Now that you have someone in mind, always, and I ALWAYS suggest to schedule a consultation!! Within those 5-10 minutes, you can usually tell if your going to hit it off… (kind of like a first date…) Ask questions, see their image and how they present themselves, and be sure to ask to see some of their work if need be. Don’t be scared if you two really don’t click, sometimes someone may be too edgy, too conservative, or maybe just smells bad (hahaha I hope not this one!!)

Communication is KEY!! Take photos in of what you like, and don’t like, that way you’re both on the same wave length when it comes to what you want. Talk about color- if you know that you hate brassy tones let your stylist know!! Often times a natural, or natural ash can be used to avoid unwanted warmth. Same thing for cool tones… a golden or warmer tone can be used to avoid a cooler color.

Staying on the topic of communication, let your stylist know how much you really want to cut off… and show them!! If your inch is really a 1/2 an inch, let them know!! If you’re wanting to remove more, show them where you’d like it to lay, visualization can help both you and your stylist when it comes to a cut. Everyone for someone reason uses a different measuring system when it comes to a trim!! I’m serious when I say I, myself, gets cutter remorse EVERY time I cut my own hair!! But lets avoid that by communicating.

Your hairstylist will eventually know more about yourself then some of your closed friends!! Thats the truth!! I have heard it all, and I will keep it all!! Meaning, I will never tell your secrets!! Your perfect stylist should be professional and yet personal. They will provide you not only with amazing hair, but with advice that only someone who know EVERYTHING about you could give.

Hopefully your stylist will become your perfect stylist and eventually your hair bestie!!

Check out my video below to see what else I have to say about finding your perfect hair stylist!!

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