My Signature Curl Using Nume Curling Wand

I get tons of questions about what I use to curl and style my hair. I always go for the “perfectly imperfect” look while styling my hair, its just me, and I’m obsessed with it!

The size of the barrel always determines the look you’re going for, and for this I am using my 1 inch or 25mm wand. The smaller the barrel, the smaller the curl and the bigger the barrel the bigger the curl. I only wrap my hair around the barrel 2-3 times, leaving about 2-3 inches out on my ends, and leave it for 5-8 seconds.


You can find Nume Curling wands everywhere these days. I ordered mine off of their website at

OR I have searched the nets of webs and found a link on HERE. Every once in a while I see them at my local TJ Max, and usually snapchap about it @dreahful.

Just remember that practice makes perfect, and no one became a professional overnight. Please always use your protective glove (if it came with one) and ALWAYS use heat protectant– no one likes crunchy hair!!

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