5 essential items for breastfeeding mommas

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I have been nursing little E since she was born, while also building my liquid gold stash along the way. After a few months, (and mishaps) I have found these products have worked wonders for me and thought I’d share them with you!!

**Please note- this is a judgment free zone and I had a client once mention to me (shout out to C.T.) that fed is best, so just do you momma and whatever works for you!!

1.  Lansinoh Lanolin Cream For Breastfeeding Mothers. The first few weeks of nursing can be pretty difficult to say the least. Lack of sleep, raging hormones and what seems to be gums made of razor blades, this stuff was a life savor, especially in the shower!!

2. Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump with On-The-Go Tote. This is perfect for you pumping moms, as it’s a dual pump with a convenient bag for all of your pumping needs. P.s.- all health insurance companies now provide a breastfeeding pump for all new mommas, make sure to contact your provider to see how to receive yours!!

3. Medela Pump & Save Breast Milk Storage Bags. These are obviously a necessary when building your stash. I like these as they’re slightly larger than the 5 oz. traditional bags. Momma hack- I lay mine flat when freezing to make them easier to store and rotate by date!!

4. Silicon Manual Breast Pump. I’ve mentioned this pump in a post before as it’s perfect for those on the go pumps. Small, convenient, and travel friendly, just make sure to bring a storage bag or a bottle to store your extra breast milk in!

5. Calvin Klein Carousel Bralette. Traditional nursing bras can lack support and haven’t been the most comfortable for me and these Calvins have been my go-to nursing bra as it’s comfortable, flexible and convenient. They come in a butt load of colors and are always on sale!!

So, there it is! These are my top go-to breastfeeding necessities- please let me know what yours may be as I’m always willing to try out new products!! Happy pumping ladies!!

Much love!!

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