3 momma essentials I suggest to put on your baby registry!

Hi guys, welcome back!!

When it came to my baby registry I had no idea what I needed. Really though.

Of course I registered for the obvious things like a crib, stroller, baby monitor, etc. but there are 3 things that I have recently purchased that I wish I would’ve known about.

1. Diaper bag. Yea yea yea, this one is pretty basic I know, but I really thought I could just get away with a standard oversized hand bag- boy was I wrong! After breaking down and putting ‘diaper bag’ in the search bar I knew the old idea of the overstuffed messenger style bags were out and backpacks were in!! (Yay to having both hands free!!) I spent a few hours looking at reviews and finally decided to buy a Skip Hop GREENWICH Simply Chic Diaper Backpack in Caramel. I bought mine from because they had a $20 gift card offer if you spent $100 or more on baby essentials, so really, I only spent $80! (*I think they run this deal once every couple weeks- keep an eye out!!) Click the link HERE to check out the details on this super cute diaper bag!!

2. Baby carrier. I loved the idea of wearing my baby, and really contemplated about making my own. ??‍♀️ I went all over looking for stretchy material and stalked the ish out of Pinterest for patterns but just decided to commit and buy one. Who seriously knew there are SOO many brands and kinds to choose from?! I was checking them out on all the baby blogs and decided to buy a Baby k’tan, had it in my amazon shopping cart, but just couldn’t hit enter. Well, don’t you know- I was walking through the clearance section at my local target about a week later (yay to target yet again) and there it was, an extra small, gray Baby k’tan on clearance for $34.94!! Woot woot!! Needless to say that this was heaven sent and that little E and myself LOVE this baby carrier!! Click the link HERE to get this for yourself! P.s.- it comes in multiple colors and sizes!!

3. This is for you breast feeding mommas out there. I am trying to build up my freezer stash of liquid gold but was tired of washing all the parts to my electric pump. So I decided to invest into a little hand held pump, and I’m so GLAD I did!! This Lullababy hands free breast pump is a-maz-ing!! I attach this little sucker (pun so intended) while I’m nursing and not only does it catch my let-down, but I can usually get extra 2-4 oz per feeding- whhhhaaatttt!!! Best part about it is its SO incredibly easy to wash when done, super convenient for those late night feeds AND it’s only $12.95!! Click the link HERE if you’re interested!

I may just do a separate blog post soon on each of these momma essentials as they all deserve it!! **I’m not paid sponsor (although I’d happily oblige) the love is just REAL!!

So tell me, do you have any must have items that you absolutely love and like to share? Let me know in the comments or private message me so I can go check them out!!

Much love!!

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