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I’m back!!

Hi guys!

It’s been a hot minute, well, more like 5 months. So, little life update coming at ya!!

Joshua and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl August 21, yes, the highly anticipated eclipse day. As you were outside trying not to burn your irises by checking out the magical eclipse, I was in active labor trying to push out a sunny side up baby. Ohhh how much fun that was, NOT!! After 26 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing and an emergency c-section little Elowyn made her debut!!


I will share more of my birthing story soon but I have read your messages and heard your demands to start blogging again so… here I am!!  

I’m ready to invite you into my home, share some behind the scenes blogs, videos, stories and advice of being a new full time mommy!! Please feel free to message me if you have any requests, questions or any new mommy suggestions you may have!! ❤️

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