The Real MVP

The real MVP, the man of the hour (well.. many hours) the wedding extraordinaire… GEORGE!!!

Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali Reed-Film-Wedding-Photographer-Andrea-Josh-Family-Portraits-016

(I mean, come on- who else can rock blue suede shoes like this guy, well, besides Elvis of course <3)

George is my extremely talented cousin who NEEDS to be in event planning. Like seriously. I am the 3rd person in our family who has had the privilege of letting this man be the week of coordinator, the decision maker, the decorator, the florist, the tailor, the setup crew, the babysitter, and last but not least, the mixologist. He is the man behind the scenes that was doing it ALL!! Everyone that meets this man has had nothing but sweet, kind, genuine things to say about him. This man worked his butt off for my wedding and I couldn’t be more grateful for him!!

Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali Reed-Film-Wedding-Photographer-Andrea-Josh-Reception-003Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali Reed-Film-Wedding-Photographer-Andrea-Josh-Reception-002

Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali Reed-Film-Wedding-Photographer-Andrea-Josh-Bridal-Portraits-135

Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali Reed-Film-Wedding-Photographer-Andrea-Josh-Bridal-Portraits-132

When it came to the bouquets, the flower crowns and the center pieces, George killed it!! I let him have complete control, although I did mentioned to him that “the bigger, the better”, and I wanted the “perfectly imperfect” wedding, and thats exactly what I got!! <3

Oh, and I forgot to mention, he even taught Josh a thing or two about making a boutonniere (and of course helped him put them on!!)

Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali Reed-Film-Wedding-Photographer-Andrea-Josh-Ceremony-049

George, I’m truly honored, blessed and extremely proud to have you, my cousin, my friend and true MVP by my side to help me during my most important day to me yet. I’m not sure what I’d do without you and I am forever thankful for you! <3

P.s. I’m sure if anyone else would like to have the honor of this man to help organize their perfect wedding day he’d yes, but only if you ask really really nice!! 😉 Message me for details.

**Photo credit on the beautiful photos are by the talented Ali, and she travels!!

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